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Ordering Tramadol From Mexico, Tramadol Online Legal

Christmas Party Night FULL

Cheapest Tramadol Uk
December 11, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm
Kings Arms Hotel,
£30 on a Friday, £35 on a Saturday

This December our Christmas Party Nights will be every Friday and Saturday.

Enjoy our three course Christmas menu, then party the night away!

Saturday Nights will be exclusive events, so make sure you prebook.

Friday nights, after dinner, the party is open to all.

Friday 4th – Feelin’ It – Open to all after dinner (9 – 9.15pm)

Saturday 5th – Black Rat Effect – Exclusive Party: Prebooking required.

Friday 11th – Black Rat Effect – Open to all after dinner (9 – 9.15pm)

Saturday 12th – Disco Night You choose the tunes! When booking, each attendee can choose a song that will get them on the dance floor. Exclusive Party: Prebooking required.

Friday 18th – Disco Night Open to all after dinner (9 – 9.15pm)

Saturday 19th – Feelin’ It – Exclusive Party: Prebooking required.


FRIDAY NIGHT PARTIES: £30 or £3 to join the party after dinner

NB: On Friday nights, latest seating for dinner will be 7pm. Tables cleared at 9pm for dancing.