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Sandwiches & Sides

Our Lunch Menu is served Monday through Friday 12pm – 3pm and Saturday 12pm – 4pm.

Sample Menu

Our menu is prepared freshly each day using seasonal products and therefore is subject to change. The below menu is a sample menu to give you an idea of what we offer.


All sandwiches available on white, brown or a flatbread


Goats cheese and roasted vegetable bruschetta, watercress £8.50

Classic grilled cheese sandwich, tomato chutney £6.50

Pastrami, Emmental, sauerkraut and mustard mayo sandwich £8.00

Cod fish finger sandwich, crisp lettuce, tartare sauce, and triple cooked chips £8.75

Johnny Morris sirloin steak sandwich, red onion jam, rocket and balsamic £8.95


Parmesan truffle fries £3.50

Sweet potato fries £3.00

Triple cooked chips £3.00

Skinny fries £3.00

Seasonal greens £4.00

Sautéed potatoes £3.50

Dining at the Kings Arms, Abergavenny