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A Place To Eat

We have created dining menus with a range of choice to suit all tastes. We only use the freshest, finest ingredients from local sources to create a menu which changes with the seasons.

Whether you are in Abergavenny for a quick eat; a lazy lunch or a special, celebratory dining experience we pride ourselves on offering a range of first-class food alongside a broad wine list and an excellent range of quality lagers and real ales.

Monday through Saturday, we serve lunch from 12pm – 3pm and dinner from 6pm – 9pm.

Sunday lunch is served from 12pm – 4pm.

Call us on 01873 855 074 to make your reservation.

The following menus are examples as the offering will vary according to the seasons:-

Cheapest Tramadol Online Uk

Cheapest Tramadol Uk

Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online

Tramadol India Online

Tramadol Mastercard

Diners concerned about the presence of allergens in our food are invited to discuss their dietary requirements with our waiting staff.

For more information and reservations, feel free to Tramadol Mastercard Overnight on 01873 855 074 or find us on Tramadol Mastercard FedexTramadol Online Mastercard or Order Tramadol Mastercard.


 What Our Customers Say:-

“We were staying in Abergavenny for the weekend and decided to go out for dinner on the Saturday evening. Having chosen a certain Italian chain restaurant on the other side of town as our destination we just happened to walk past the King Arms Hotel on route. Scanning the menu board outside as we walked past it piqued our interest and we decided to just pop in and have a look. So glad we did! The place was very inviting, nicely decorated, and had a relaxing warm atmosphere. Bar staff were courteous and when we decided to change our plans and eat there instead we were accommodated with no problems. The restaurant was fairly busy but service was still very efficient and the food we had was excellent, a notch above your standard gastropub faire. We will definitely eat here again next time we are in the area. Keep up the good work.” – Cheap Tramadol Mastercard

Dining at the Kings Arms, Abergavenny
Rooms at the Kings Arms, Abergavenny