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Voucher Terms & Conditions

Book direct & receive £10 to spend on food & beverage

How to redeem:-

  1. Print the voucher directly from your email
  2. Upon check in, present to the member of our team checking you in
  3. The value will be deducted from any relevant items on your final bill upon check out

Terms & conditions:-

  1. The voucher is valid for a £10.00 spend on food and/or beverage only at The Kings Arms Hotel, Abergavenny
  2. A maximum of one voucher per party, per stay may be redeemed
  3. The voucher must be presented upon check in to be valid
  4. The voucher cannot be exchanged for any cash value
  5. No change will be given when redeemed against a value less than £10.00
  6. The voucher must be redeemed in one transaction, and cannot be split across multiple transaction
  7. The Kings Arms Hotel reserves the right to render the voucher void at any point
  8. The voucher will be deducted from any valid items on your final bill upon check out and cannot be redeemed at any other time