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Outside Seating at The Kings Arms

SeatingAs many of you may have seen in the news over the past couple of days, Councillor Bob Greenland announced that Monmouthshire County Council intends to repeal the controversial proposal to charge businesses for placement of furniture and A boards on the streets of Monmouthshire.

Though Monmouthshire County Council will ask officers to find alternative ways to meet costs, the policy giving the council control over street furniture will go ahead.

This is a great victory for small businesses whose costs are already high. However, for us here at The Kings Arms it does not mean that the fight is over, and indicates that the council could still decide to take our benches away from St. Johns Square.

The Strong Communities Select Committee will meet on 30th July 2018 to discuss the matter in full. They have said:-

“Monmouthshire County Council will hold a special meeting of its Strong Communities Select Committee at 10am on Monday 30th July in the council chamber at County Hall to discuss the authority’s proposed advertising boards and street furniture policy.

The Strong Communities Select Committee has recognised the significant interest shared by local businesses, traders, disability groups and residents in recent weeks and welcomes all interested parties to attend the meeting. This will provide an opportunity for the public to offer their perspectives and for members to fully debate the issue, prior to the Select Committee making recommendations on the policy options.

The meeting will consist of a presentation from Monmouthshire’s Head of Operations Roger Hoggins followed by a 30 minute open forum to enable the public, businesses and groups to present their views.”

 We thank you all for your ongoing support with this subject and your fantastic loyalty. We have been overwhelmed by the response from the town on this matter and hope that the Strong Communities Select Committee will see sense on 30th July and allow us to keep the vibrant atmosphere in our beloved square.