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Abergavenny Festival of Cycling 2018

festival of cyclingOn 6th July 2018 the Cheapest Tramadol Uk returns!

The races include theBuy Cheapest Tramadol Online during the day and the Tramadol India Online in the evening. Both follow a circuit around the town and we have a prime view for the action. The daytime races are always gripping and the Traders race in the evening ends the day with hilarity, all for a good cause! We’ve shared action shots from some of our favourite traders from last years race below too!

The Sisterhood Kings ArmsLive Music

We will be celebrating the days events with live music from Tramadol Mastercard, playing our back bar from 9:30pm!

Always a fantastic atmosphere… prepare to dance the night away!

Road Closures

The races mean that some roads will be closed:-

Total Road Closure 16:00 – 24:00

  • Castle Street from its junction with Cross Street to Nevill Street. Accredited Marshals will operate a two way system over the road adjacent to the Angel Hotel.
  • Tudor Street from the junction with Nevill Street to Baker Street
  • Baker Street, Frogmore Street, High Street, Nevill Street

Total Road Closure 11:00 – 24:00

  • St. Johns Square and Nevill St.

For full details of all road closures and events Tramadol Mastercard Overnight.