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St. David’s Day

St Davids DaySaint David’s Day – Thursday 1st March 2018

We’re pleased to announce that this St. David’s Day, Thursday 1st March, we will be running a special set menu alongside our usual Cheapest Tramadol Uk and Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online menus.

To celebrate this special Welsh day, we will be offering the below menu full of traditional Welsh fare and local ingredients at a great set price of £10 for one course, £14 for two courses of £18 for three courses.

Booking is advised, so call us on 01873 855074 to avoid disappointment.





RABBIT, LEEK & POTATO SOUP, Caerphilly toast
HERB CRUSTED PANT YS GAWN GOAT’S CHEESE, roast beetroot & garlic
SPICED, SWANSEA BAY MUSSELS, toasted sourdough
AIR DRIED MONMOUTHSHIRE BEEF, aged Llanboidy cheese shavings, rocket, capers & lemon



LEEK & LAVERBREAD DUMPLINGS, with parsley root & potato cawl, green sauce
STEAMED LOUGHOR ESTUARY PLAICE, riverbank greens, Pembrokeshire potatoes, laverbread sauce
24 HOUR SHOULDER OF WELSH LAMB & POTATO PIE, garlic roasted root vegetables, rosemary & mint gravy



LAITH Y LLAN YOGHURT PANNACOTTA, berry compote, sugar thins
WILLIAM WATKINS WYNN PUDDING, custard (a bit like a spotted Richard, but very Welsh)
WHINBERRY TART, Welsh buffalo milk ice cream


1 COURSE £10.00 ~ 2 COURSES £14.00 ~ 3 COURSES £18.00