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Abergavenny Food Festival 2016

Abergavenny Food Festival 2016

17th & 18th September

It’s that time of year again, where Abergavenny becomes a food lover’s heaven! FromJim Hamilton markets andĀ demos to live music and entertainment there really is something for everyone at Abergavenny Food Festival.

Monica Galetti, Cyrus Todiwala, Jose Pizarro and Jane Baxter are the headliners, along with demonstrations and more from top local chefs including our very own Head Chef, Jim Hamilton!

Jim will be giving a demo in the Market Hall at 3pm on Saturday 17th September, free for wristband holders, as well as someĀ ‘Food Rants’ at the Castle at 12:10pm and 2:30pm.


Watch out for our outside bar in the gorgeous surroundings of the newly renovated St. John’s Square. We’ll have draught ales, lagers and ciders on offer and we’ll be serving up some delicious street food to boot. Not only that, but we will have live music on Friday evening from 7pm, all day Saturday from 12pm until late and Sunday from 3pm with a variety of talented performers including Jim Ramsey, Angharad Griffiths, Mike Parker and many more. Keep an eye on our events page and facebook page for details of who is playing and when.

Abergavenny Food Festival
Our restaurant will be open over the weekend at our usual times:

Saturday: lunch 12pm – 3pm, dinner 6pm – 9pm

Sunday: lunch 12pm – 4pm, dinner 6pm – 8pm

Booking is essential, so call us now on 01873 855 074 to make your reservation.

For further information on what’s going on at the festival visit their website

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